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30 五月 2023


29 五月 2023

Anche quest'anno si conferma un importante momento di dialogo tra il mondo dell’impresa e i giovani talenti e professionisti.

29 五月 2023


Salary Policies, New Technologies and Investment Perspectives in China
28 六月 2022

On June 23rd, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) together with our Mechanical Engineering Working Group(MEWG) held the sixth webtalk of the series called "Sharing Is Caring: Issues for the MEWG in China”.


MEWG Elections 2022-2024 | Submit Your Candidacy Application
28 六月 2022

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) would like to summon a Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG)  meeting on July 15th, 2022 at 3 pm (Beijing Time), both online and offline at the CICC premise in Shanghai (上海市, 静安区, 威海路777, 2楼, 202 室N. 777 Weihai road, 2nd Floor, R202, Jing'An District Shanghai).

Digital China and Its Latest Trends in Session #1 of QC Webinars
27 六月 2022

Digital China and its latest trends as a first step to planning a successful entry strategy into China in 2022.

Business with China: How to Manage Payment Risks?
24 六月 2022

During this webinar, we supported companies in understanding how to deal effectively with cross-border payments and contractual terms in doing business with China.

The Latest Activities of CICC Young Professionals Network
22 六月 2022

A network that represents young professionals and students Members of the CICC.

Logistical Aspects in Managing Supply Chain and Production
21 六月 2022

The role of logistical aspects in managing supply chain, production and customers



中国西部国际投资贸易洽谈会&中国(重庆)跨境电商交易会 重庆-2022年7月21日-24日
21 六月 2022


Italy-China Charter Flights: July Flight Confirmed
17 六月 2022

The Embassy of Italy to the P.R.C. and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) are glad to inform that the July charter flight has been confirmed. 

Roundtable between CICC and Shanghai Authorities
16 六月 2022

Dialogue between Shanghai Authorities and Italian Companies

15 六月 2022

中国意大利商会很高兴地通知您,中国意大利商会与重庆两江新区管委会的 "中国-意大利双边贸易合作圆桌会议 "已于6月13日上午10时30分在重庆市渝北区金渝大道66号金山大厦成功举行。


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