POST EVENT | Introducing the “Hainan BOAO Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone” to Italy’s pharmaceutical industry

19 十二月 2023
Flyer Event

In an online format held on December 12th, the Embassy of Italy to the P.R.C., the Italian Trade Agency, and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce organized with Hainan BAOAO Lecheng Hengjun Business Service., the "Hainan BOAO Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone".

The event explored collaboration opportunities for Italian pharmaceutical companies in this innovative zone located in Hainan province.

The discussion brought together major stakeholders from the aforementioned agencies. Following three keynote addresses from representatives of Italian institutions, the webinar continued into two presentations from representatives of BAOAO Lecheng Hengjun Business Service Company Ltd.

The discussion was opened by H.E. Italian Ambassador to the P.R.C., Massimo Ambrosetti, who set the stage for discussion.

The following is an outline of the speeches' content:

Following remarks were made by Gianpaolo Bruno, Coordinator of the ITA’s Offices in the P.R.C. and Mongolia, who emphasized the importance of knowledge exchange in high-quality healthcare and pharmaceutical innovations. He highlighted the potential for unlocking new business opportunities.

Valtero Canepa, Healthcare Working Group Coordinator of the CICC and Head of China Region, Bracco Imaging, shared critical insights into the evolving Chinese medical market. Noting its status as the second-largest globally, he highlighted the rising demand for addressing diseases prevalent in the fast-growing aging population.

The Chairman of Hainan BOAO Lecheng Hengjun Business Services, Mr. Paul Lam, then delivered a complete overview on the specific policies that facilitate the exchange of knowledge, expertise, human resources, and products within the Hainan pilot zone framework.

Mr. Zhang Qi Jia, General Manager, Hainan BOAO Lecheng Hengjun Business Services, then provided detailed insights into the market entry process as a result of specific policies in the area.

The webinar concluded with an engaging Q&A session, showcasing participation and interest from both Italian and Chinese enterprises. This interest signals the potential for future collaborations and shared willingness to expand business ties between Italy and China.

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