"Intellectual Property in China" by GWA

02 六月 2020

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The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to share a book that its Member GWA has published on "Intellectual Property in China" with Springer Editori. 


Intellectual Property in China

Authors: Giovanni Pisacane, Daniele Zibetti (Managing Partners GWA)


This book offers a guide to intellectual property law in the People’s Republic of China. It simplifies the complex and rather atypical judicial system and uses practical cases to demonstrate how Chinese IP law really works. The IP system is evolving rapidly in China, with the adoption of numerous new laws and regulations, more sophisticated and detailed than their predecessors. As such the book provides an up-to-date overview of the field, including legal protection and tax assessment practices in China, focusing especially on matters regarding trademark, patent and copyright law and its protection. It also covers Chinese IP in the international context, discussing all the relevant international organizations and treaties. Furthermore, by presenting the right mix of practice and theory, and examining the best-known IP infringement cases in China, it allows readers to gain an understanding of potential IP infringement risks and ways to protect their own legal rights and interests. In addition, it provides insights into the important area of valorization and fiscal management of IP in China. Based on written law and regulations as well as the authors’ expertise, it is a valuable resource for foreign lawyers and foreign companies alike.


About GWA - Greatway Advisory

GWA is an international consulting law and tax firm based in China, with headquarters in Shanghai and offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Bergamo (Italy).

With its 15 years’ experience in China and a deep knowledge of the Italian and Chinese law and tax landscape, GWA offers a comprehensive service to both Italian companies in China and Chinese companies in Italy.


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