An Inspiration Wednesday Night | Monthly Networking Dinner, September 22nd, Shanghai

23 九月 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to let you know that the Monthly Networking Dinner was held on September 22nd in Shanghai, at Caminetto.





50 participants from different business sectors, including both CICC members and non-members, participated in the informal dinner aimed at providing an important opportunity for business networking. Given that food and wine is a crucial part and a pride of Italian culture, therefore we also want to merge this element into the event in order to give all the participants a great experience of tasting Italian food and wine during the monthly activity. 

One way to transform a regular dinner into an amazing Networking Event is taking action and inserting some moments of connection, knowledge, joy, and positivity in our schedule. Something as simple as a random act of kindness can really make our evening wonderful while making other person’s day wonderful too.




The CICC would like to express our special thanks to all the participants and Caminetto for hosting the informal dinner. Furthermore, we would like to thanks SinoDrink for the wine sponsorship.



More about Monthly Networking Dinner:

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce organizes a monthly appointment in Shanghai in order to offer members and non-members an important networking opportunity. Since it is essential for us to raise the awareness of authentic and genuine Italian food and wine, we choose every month a different Italian restaurant as the venue for our informal dinners.


Kind regards,

The CICC team

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