Call for Speakers | Workshop Business Restructuring and Innovation Strategies

07 七月 2022

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is looking for speakers for our upcoming event focused on “Business Restructuring and Innovation Strategies” for businesses in China. The event will take place on August 3rd 2022


The volatile and unpredictable business environment poses unprecedented challenges for companies in the Chinese market. In this context, we continue to observe the need for companies to respond fast, restructure their internal operations and create a more resilient and agile strategy. The purpose of this event is to provide professional advisory and insights to support businesses in effectively responding to market challenges and adapting their operations and procedures to the fast-changing China business environment. 

The workshop will focus on:
• Internal restructuring: adapting operations, procedures, company organization, etc. in China
• Innovation and new technologies for increasing organization efficiency  
• Overall company strategies for a higher organization resilience and agility

We are currently looking for the following speakers:
• Consulting firms/ professional consultants focused on management and innovation
• Companies from different sectors with success cases in operations restructuring 


The selection of the speakers will be made according to the relevance of the proposals to the topic outlined.

CICC will give priority to Members. In case of concurrent proposals, Supporting Members will be granted priority.

Should there be no suitable applications from Members, CICC has the right to select the most appropriate application submitted by Non-Members. 


• In case of not meeting the conditions of the present "Call for Speakers"
• In case of non-conformity with the hereby open "Call for Speakers"
• In case of false data submission and late submission

Please note:  this is an informative event. The speakers shall not promote personal material. 


Please send your proposal and the speaker profile to: by July 10th

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