12 二月 2014

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The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to inform you that the 2014 Edition of the Summer Institute on Climate Change and Environmental Protection (SICCEP) and Summer Institute on Intellectual Property Rights and China (IP-China) will be held at Peking University, School of Government in Beijing from July 5th to August 2nd 2014 (SICCEP and IP-China) and from July 19th to August 16th 2014 (IP-China and SICCEP).


University of Milan, Department of Italian and Supranational Public Law, University of Turin, Department of Law and gLAWcal – Global Law Initiatives for Sustainable Development (United Kingdom) have set up a Summer School in China – Executive Education Training Program to be held at Peking University School of Government in Beijing (China) with two parallel curricula to be held in two different terms.


The program is organized also in partnership with Lund University Faculty of Political Sciences in Sweden, University of Provence Aix Marseille I – CNRS Centre of Comparative Epistemology and Ergology in France, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Spain, University of Eastern Piedmont Faculty of Economics in Italy, University of Pavia, Faculty of Law in Italy, Catholic University of Milan Faculty of Law, Istanbul Sehir University in Turkey.

This program is multidisciplinary and is aimed at students, young graduates and senior professionals with a background in law, political sciences, international relations, philosophy, economics, environmental sciences, engineering and any other relevant discipline that can be related to the topics of the program.

The first curriculum is called “Summer Institute on Climate Change and Environmental Protection” (SICCEP). It addresses issues such as energy policies, environment law and sustainable development, intellectual property and technology innovation.

The second curriculum is called Summer Institute on Intellectual Property Rights and China” (IP-China). The participants (students and professionals) who will enroll in all the scheduled courses and seminars will receive the certificates for both curricula. It is an innovative program that takes into account the training demands of young professionals on these issues, drawing on relevant curricula received from international organizations and the private sector.


The summer course will include the following topics:

1) Introduction to Chinese Law, Institutions & Politics (20h) SICCEP and IP-CHINA
2) Global Environmental Governance (14h) SICCEP
3) Environment, Science and Society: a Philosophical Introduction (14h) SICCEP
4) Law, Policy and Economics on Climate Change (14h) SICCEP
5) Introduction to Chinese Intellectual Property Law and Technology Transfer (20h) IP-CHINA
6) European American and Chinese Approaches to Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Policy (20h) IP-CHINA
7) Governance of Energy Transitions: Towards Low-Carbon, Sustainable Society (14h) SICCEP


The deadline is fixed for April 15th, 2014.

If interested in knowing more, please refer to the brochure of the program or to the website of the Summer Law Institute in China.


Queries can be addressed to: summerlawinstitutesuzhou@unimi.it


Thank you for your attention


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