VISA Update

Organizer: German Chamber of Commerce in China, Guangzhou
                Wang Jin & Co.
Supporter: China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong

The changes to the procedures surrounding gaining a visa to enter China have confronted many foreign business people recently. Hear the latest updates on what the new rules and guidelines are after the Olympics and how you can prepare a plan for dealing with these changes. This presentation aims to provide relevant and useful information and will provide adequate time to address your questions concerning the situation.

Speakers: Mr. Zach Wortham has been working in the Wang Jing & Co. Law Firm, one of the earliest established legal service providers in the field of foreign trade, since January 2007. As Client Service Manager he is responsible for case handling and providing advice to foreign companies doing business in China. He also produces a bi-monthly China Legal Bulletin and quarterly China IP Bulletin.

Venue: Bellavista Restaurant, Zhongshan
Add: Unit 3, No. 1 Borough, No. 39 Qiguan Xi Lu, Zhongshan, Guangdong(广东省中山市岐关西路39号一区3卡)
Entrance Fee: Members for free / Non-Members 50 RMB

If you wish to attend, please register to or by faxing the form below to 020-8755 1889 before September 22nd, 2008.

中山Bellavista Restaurant

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