"More a creative than a creator": Caffè Con Piero Lissoni

28 Ottobre 2022

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and its Quality Council organized the second session of the Caffè Con series. 90 guests attended the event, which was held both online and offline in Shanghai on October 25th.

This second session focused on architectural landscape, interior design, and luxury living with the special guest Mr Piero Lissoni, one of the most distinguished Italian architects, art directors, and designers.



The discussion was moderated by Ms Alba Wang, Co-founder of AF Design Consulting, while Mr Mauro Maggioni, Ceo Golden Goose Asia Pacific, gave a brief introduction to the Quality Council.



Mr Lissoni generously shared his insightful thoughts on the role of the architect and architecture. As mentioned by Mr Lissoni, the architect faces the big challenge of mastering human and scientific fields of knowledge, of being an artist of manifold talents and of being a part of multiple worlds.

Mr Lissoni defines himself as a creative, not a creator. He always follows his own ideas and style, agreeing to work only with people who understand and respect his vision. With a team of nearly 100 people, the designs he presents are not based on a market study but on a dialogue between his team and the client that crosses time and shapes a unique final project.

This was especially the case for the two main projects he presented to the audience: two luxury hotels characterized by fascinating and evocative interiors: Shangri-La Shougang Park in Beijing and the Middle House Shanghai. Lissoni’s team offered a refreshing take on Chinese architecture, focusing on incorporating Chinese culture and traditions in their designs by cooperating with local artisans and involving all the people who worked on these projects.

A crucial theme of good design is durability and sustainability; for this reason, Mr Lissoni’s designs incorporate natural and recyclable materials, like ancient yet modern bamboo. His creative process starts from complexity and is gradually broken down into simple but elegant shapes that become contaminated by culture, history, time, and styles.

Regarding Italian craftsmanship in China, Mr Lissoni feels there is definitely a chance for small Italian artisans to shine as long as their presented products have excellent quality and they can find good Chinese partners to help them navigate the market.



We sincerely thank Mr Lissoni for sharing his views and Ms Alba Wang for moderating the discussion and providing a live Chinese translation for our guests. Special thanks also go to Brownie Project Gallery for providing the venue.



Caffè Con is a new event format created by our Quality Council. During each session, top-level Italian Fashion Designers, Interior Designers and Architects will be invited to talk about Italian Design in various industries. Participants will have the opportunity to have a full immersion in the subject. To raise awareness of the market's speed, magnitude and complexity.



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