HCWG Elections 2022-2024 | Submit Your Candidacy Application

29 Giugno 2022

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) would like to summon a Healthcare Working Group (HCWG) meeting on July 18th, 2022 at 3 pm (Beijing time). 

The subject of the meeting: Elections for the new HCWG Coordinator and Vice Coordinators and updates about WG’s activities. 

1.Candidacy Process
Hereby, we cordially invite you to present your candidacy by filling in the form (available here) and sending it to elezioni2022@cameraitacina.com together with a scan of the residence permit and a short biography within June 29th, at 6:00 PM (Beijing time).

Taking into consideration the size of the group, the geographical presence and the effort required in the management of the group, we are launching the elections for the following positions:
One (1) Coordinator
Three (3) Vice Coordinators

To consult CICC Working Groups' General Rules please visit:  

The Coordinator and the Vice Coordinators must be representatives of Members of CICC. Nominations are renewed once every two years.

Applications for the roles have to be presented and then formally announced at least 15 days before the day of the election.

2. Voting Process
Upon candidates’ list publication, each participant can vote for max n.1 candidate for Coordinator and max n.1 Vice Coordinator by sending an email to elezioni2022@cameraitacina.com within 24 hours before the elections (proxies are not accepted). The vote is secret (proxies are not accepted) and can be held by electronic means. A platform, identified by the CICC General Secretary and ensuring the secrecy of the vote, will be utilized. All members of the WG/CH who completed the membership process more than 10 days before the date of the elections will be entitled to vote.

3. Attend the election
If you want to attend the elections, you can register here.

Please be aware that the Working Groups meetings are only open to CICC Members.  


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