Call for Case Studies | Cybersecurity, Data and PI Compliance

10 Agosto 2022

Over the past months, several new laws, regulations and standards have been enacted in China in the field of cybersecurity, data and personal information protection. These put forward new requirements and obligations affecting not only foreign companies operating within the territory of China, but also their overseas headquarters, as well as other companies abroad providing products or services to Chinese companies or citizens.

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) and the EU SME Centre, of which CICC is the leading consortium partner, are in the process of updating one of their existing reports on this topic. Specifically, the report will provide an up-to-date overview of China’s legal framework, focusing on the new requirements that EU SMEs need to follow for compliance when operating in/with China, and when transferring data across borders. It will also include a detailed list of FAQs based on existing challenges, specifically tailored to EU SMEs.

For this reason, we are looking for EU SMEs or business organisations willing to share their experience and best practices in adjusting to China’s new cyber and data legal framework. The objective is to provide guidance to other EU SMEs and clarify existing challenges and doubts, thus contributing to the sustainable development of EU business in/with China.

Structure of the case study:

The case study could be developed either after an interview with EU SME Centre experts, or fully by the SME/business organisation. The structure and content of the case study is open and entirely based on the company’s experience, but in general could cover the following aspects:
• Overall situation of the company in/with China
• Situation/practices before Data Security Law (DSL), Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) and other regulations
• New obligations and challenges brought by DSL, PIPL and other regulations
• Practical measures adopted to comply with new obligations and requirements, in terms e.g. of data and personal information protection, storage, cross-border transfer
• Current challenges
• Outlook for the future

What’s in it for you:

• The case study will be included in the EU SME Centre’s updated report, with the visibility elements of the company or anonymised based on preference. 
• We will invite the representative of the company to present the case during an ad hoc webinar to be organised after the publication of the report. Other joint promotion or support activities can be discussed and organised.
• We will also share with you insights on common difficulties, non-compliance as well as successful cases of EU companies that we have come across over the past months.

Contact details:

Interested SMEs/business organisations may contact the EU SME Centre’s Business Advisor for more information:

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