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Members, Italian Chambers of Commerce in Italy and abroad, Institutional Italian delegations to China, foreign Chambers of Commerce with local offices, Chinese Government Departments and Institutions, Italian and Chinese media, major hotels, Italian and Chinese corporate entities.



Membership Directory



Membership Directory is an electronic publication listing all CICC Members distributed as a USB Card. Each Member could enjoy a full electronic page, free of charge, to provide information and contacts about the company. The Membership Directory, both in English and Chinese, is an important marketing tool distributed to all our Members, to the Partner Institution in Italy, to the Italian and Chinese Institution, to the foreign Chamber of Commerce in China and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Asia, and to a selected number of media.

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If you want to buy a copy of the 2013.14 USB Membership Directory please contact writing an email here.

Price for CICC Members: 750 RMB + Shipping
Price for NON Members: 850 RMB + Shipping


The USB Membership Directory&Card is only sold to Valid Members for 750 RMB + Shipping


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