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13 七月 2022
Take Part in Our Survey “Current and Forecasted Impact of the COVID Restrictions on the ltalian...
11 七月 2022
The Embassy of Italy to the P.R.C. and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) are pleased to...
07 七月 2022
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is looking for speakers for our upcoming event focused...
05 七月 2022
The conference was the first opportunity to establish direct communications and deepen mutual...
05 七月 2022
This route added to existing route Milan-Tianjin and three Charter Flights Milan-Nanjing
01 七月 2022
Candidates Announcement HCWG Elections 2022-2024
30 六月 2022
How are the import and distribution of Italian F&B products changing in China?  
30 六月 2022
We are pleased to announce candidates for the role of Coordinator and Vice Coordinators for the ...
29 六月 2022
Find out about the Stores of the True Italian Taste Network
29 六月 2022
The Board of Directors of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce met yesterday, June 28th 2022.
29 六月 2022
A list of the most up-to-date incentive policies implemented by the Chinese authorities to support...
29 六月 2022
 Elections for the new HCWG Coordinator and Vice Coordinators
  • 近期完成活动

    Food & Wine Journey, Introducing Italian Culinary Excellencies

    24 六月 2022
    在中国、意大利源远流长的千年历史中,延伸出同样悠久的美食传统和酒类文化,在经济文化交流的紧密互动下,两国的美食、美酒联系也在逐步加深,代表着意式经典生活的食材和佳酿也渐渐扩大在中国市场的影响力。 China and Italy share a common millennial history that reflects in their culinary tradition the love for good food and conviviality. And high-quality wine from Italy continues to show its potential and increase market share in China, ranked 3rd in the first quarter of 2022. 由Italian Trade Agency Canton Office意大利对外贸易委员会广州代表处主办,Wine to Asia、China-Italy Chamber of Commerce中国意大利商会合作协办的“意大利美食美酒之旅(Food & Wine Journey: Introducing Italian Culinary Excellencies)”将于6月24、27、29、30日、7月2日在广州、东莞、深圳、长沙、厦门五城拉开帷幕,旨在向中国市场展现来自意大利的26种高品质PGI(受中欧地理标志保护)产品,帮助食品、酒水领域的专业人士和消费者更全面地了解地道意大利美食、美酒,促进意大利PGI产品在中国市场的认知度。 Italian Trade Agency Canton Office, in partnership with Wine to Asia, China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, will launch the promotion event Food & Wine Journey: Introducing Italian Culinary Excellencies in 5 top cities, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Changsha, Xiamen, with the goal of increasing and spreading to the Chinese customers the knowledge of the products labeled PDP-PGI from their characteristics, quality and production chain to support high quality Italian food. *广州、长沙两城为邀请制,仅向特邀人士开放。 *东莞、深圳、厦门三城向专业人士开放报名,欢迎酒类进口商、经销商、酒店餐饮从业者、媒体等业内人士扫描下方海报二维码报名参与。       仅限邀请BY INVITATION ONLY     扫描海报二维码报名 SCAN QR CODE FOR REGISTRATION     扫描海报二维码报名 SCAN QR CODE FOR REGISTRATION     仅限邀请BY INVITATION ONLY       扫描海报二维码报名 SCAN QR CODE FOR REGISTRATION   发现意大利PGI美食美酒世界 悠久历史、多样的地理环境和丰富多彩的文化造就了意大利独特、有趣、丰富的美食和葡萄佳酿。《2020中欧地理标志保护协议》于2021年3月正式生效,该项双边协议确定了200多个欧盟和中国食品在对方领土上受到保护,免受侵权和仿冒的危害。其中,意大利多达26种产品类别,包括葡萄酒、奶酪、火腿、腌肉和香醋等,入围这份协议,被认证为正宗的意大利“受保护的地理标志”产品。   受保护的地理标志的作用旨在保护各地区传统食品的完整性。它确保: / 产品源自特定的地方、地区或国家 // 产品的质量和其他特征本质上归因于其地理来源 /// 生产过程中至少有一个步骤发生在指定的地理区域   扫码了解更多意大利PGI产品信息   更多意大利PGI食品、酒品的风味与独特魅力,期待一起踏上“意大利美食美酒之旅”,共同探寻和发掘!

    "Entering China through Digital" - The webinar series conceived by the CICC Quality Council

    13 七月 2022
    The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) together with our Quality Council (QC) is pleased to invite you to the last two sessions of the webinar series “Entering China through Digital”. The course is aimed at export managers and digital business developers in the West who are looking to unlock the secrets of the world’s biggest consumer market, China. To enter China in 2022 means to master the use of e-commerce and digital marketing. The course will cover the latest trends and opportunities of the Chinese digital landscape, relying particularly on stories of brands who are selling online in China, as well as service providers that will show best practices across different industries.    #3 Marketing in China – Content and influence and how to use them to sell During the third session, our speakers will focus on digital marketing and legal and IP prospects in China. EVENT DETAILS Date: Wednesday, July 13th 2022 Time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm (Beijing Time) Method: Online Via Zoom Language: English Event fee: Free of charge (CICC Members) / 120 RMB (Non-Members) Interested in joining? Click here to sign up!   #4 E-commerce in China – Platforms, marketplaces, and their peculiarities During the fourth session, our speakers will focus on e-commerce and all relative aspects. EVENT DETAILS Date: Wednesday, July 20th 2022 Time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm (Beijing Time) Method: Online Via Zoom Language: English Event fee: Free of charge (CICC Members) / 120 RMB (Non-Members) Interested in joining? Click here to sign up!      More details will follow soon on our channels! For more info, contact us at   
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    Seminar & Trainings Networking 中等


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