17 五月 2017
尊敬的会员和意大利之友:        我们非常高兴通知大家,此次盛会将于2017年5月17日至27日在重庆市渝中区开展。       2017爱上解放碑——意大利文化节将持续11天,...
01 四月 2017
Save-the-date: Made in China 2025 Conference, April 20th, Beijing
21 三月 2017
Made in China 2025 Unveiled 
08 四月 2016

​Cari Soci,

Ringraziando i presenti all’Assemblea Generale Elettiva di oggi, Venerdì 8 Aprile 2016, e quanti hanno espresso anticipatamente le proprie preferenze mediante il voto elettronico, riportiamo l’esito delle elezioni.

03 十一月 2017
Private Sale at Shanghai Village and Suzhou Village
03 十一月 2017
We are glad to share another great, new deal available within the CICC Platform FROM MEMBERS TO...
31 十月 2017
We are glad to share another great, new deal available within the CICC Platform FROM MEMBERS TO...
30 十二月 2016
11 十一月 2015
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    Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies & Mitigating The Relevant Investment Risks - Guangzhou, 1st February 2018

    22 一月 2018
    Dear All, The CICC is glad to invite you to the upcoming event,  This seminar is provided by two speakers, Mr. Davide De Rosa from Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners Hong Kong and Mr. Filippo Buzzi from Fidinam Hong Kong. After the seminar there will be a networking drink offered by Buongiorno Italian Restaurant - 3rd Floor Yian Plaza, 33 Jiansheliumalu Road, 510060 Guangzhou   SPEAKERS BIOGRAPHY   ​  Davide De Rosa – Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners HK Davide De Rosa, dually Italian and England & Wales qualified, has been dealing for more than 12 years with international legal and commercial disputes and has been advising foreign investors in their cross border commercial arrangements and transactions in Hong Kong, China, Europe and Italy.  Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Davide has been practicing as a corporate and commercial lawyer in Milan,  Davide is member of Milan Bar Association and a Solicitor of England & Wales, Director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao and Vice Chairman of Europe Committee of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. Davide speaks Italian and English. Davide will provide a general overview of the cryptocurrencies’ regulatory environment in China and in Hong Kong. ​  Filippo Buzzi – FIDINAM HK During his career, Filippo has worked in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Mainland China and Hong Kong. After graduating in Political and Economic Sciences, he studied in both London (University of London) and Amsterdam, at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), where he has built his competence in international taxation. Filippo will provide us a general overview of cryptocurrencies (bitconin & co.), and their related investment risks.
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    重庆:自由贸易试验区系列工作论坛启动仪式暨信息宣传推介会 2018年1月24日

    24 一月 2018
      中国意大利商会诚邀您参加将于2018年1月24日星期三由中国(重庆)自由贸易试验区和重庆西部物流园联合举办的重庆自由贸易试验区系列工作论坛启动仪式暨信息宣传推介会。   本次工作论坛的目的是帮助外商了解中国商业环境和潜在的市场准入问题。论坛也致力于帮助中国政策制定者制定相关政策和法规,以帮助外商进入重庆市场。在建立新自贸试验区的背景下,本次论坛旨在为西南地区创建更好的商业环境。各方将集中于体系革新、法律环境和企业服务等方面,共同决定探讨主题,探索自贸试验区的发展方向。   嘉宾包括中国(重庆)自由贸易试验区市委办公室,中国(重庆)自由贸易试验区沙坪坝办公室,沙坪坝工商局和重庆西部物流园公司的代表,国家贸易部代表,中国意大利商会和各商会代表,企业代表等。     嘉宾包括中国(重庆)自由贸易试验区市委办公室,中国(重庆)自由贸易试验区沙坪坝办公室,沙坪坝工商局和重庆西部物流园公司的代表,国家贸易部代表,中国意大利商会和各商会代表,企业代表等。   活动流程 9:00 – 10:00 在重庆洲际酒店集合接车 10:00 – 12:00 参观调研物流园 12:15 – 13:30 午餐和自由论坛 14:00 – 15:00 启动仪式 15:00 – 15:20 茶歇 15:20 – 16:30 信息推介及座谈交流 16:30 返回重庆洲际酒店或最近的地铁站    请参加者将公司名称,姓名,职务,手机号码发送到,收到商会邮件确认后注册成功。
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