Energy and Environment protection Working Group (EEPWG)


Roberto Ferraro
Giacomini Heating and Cooling Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.



Marco Mari

Bruno Rinaldi
IMMERGAS(Beijing)Heating Equipment Co. Ltd.

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EEPWG welcomes all Italian Companies, Entities, Bodies and Organisms (WOFE, JV, Branches, etc.) operating within Energy and Environment Protection industrial sectors along the relative value chains (upstream, downstream, fossil energy, renewable energy, distribution, consume, emission/water/waste/soil treatment, energy saving, etc.). MATTM (Italian Ministry for Environment protection) will participate to EEPWG as an observer.

EEPWG is an initiative supported by the Embassy of Italy and Italian Chamber of Commerce in China. EEPWG aims at representing the active coordination structure of the “Pacchetto Energia/Ambiente”

Developed by Embassy of Italy since 2014 and subject of many inter-governmental agreements along the past years.

EEPWG objectives  are:

  • Promote Italian industrial /service excellences within the Energy/Environment Protection sectors towards Institutions, Enteritis, Associations, Media, Fairs/Exhibitions, etc. in China,
  • Become the Italian Chamber of Commerce operative interface for Chinese counterparts (public and private) within the Energy/Environment protection sectors,
  • Interpret the “operative” execution entity of the “Pacchetto Energia/Ambiente” promoting towards Embassy amendments, updates, integrations and due changes according the markets and legislation evolutions and priorities in perspective,
  • Promote and coordinate Events, Fiars, Exhibitions, etc. in China,
  • Foster and communicate towards Italy (Entities, Institutions, media, etc.) business opportunities in China within the Energy/Environment protection sectors for the advantage of Italian companies not yet operating in China beyond the stimulus to Institutions for possible coordinated “system” actions,
  • Sustain and promote proactive actions for setting up and developing “pilot projects” aimed at integrating Italian Companies for their joint cooperation within the identified pilots projects,

EEPWG won’t pursue any business development direct activity in favor of any single Company participating to the WG. Nevertheless EEPWG won’t act on behalf of possible “consortiums” Companies will decide to develop specific businesses and/or deals.

EEPWG Brochure

EEPWG Company Card


May 3rd-5th 2018 - IE EXPO Shanghai, the largest environmental fair in China, at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

May 10th-12th 2018 - NGVS China 2018, the 19th International NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition.

June 7th-9th 2018 - CIEPEC 2018, the 16th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition.


For any further information please contact Giulia Gallarati.

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