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Our Working Groups!


The Working Groups gather the representatives of the companies which operate in the same field, offering the possibility to meet each other on a regular basis to share ideas, problems and resources in order to work in a more efficient way and to develop new project which maximize everyone energies.


CICC Work Groups general rules


The Working Groups (WG) can be created and operate on the basis of following criteria:


1. a sufficient number of regularly subscribed Members should attend the WG (minimum 4 Members for each meeting);

2. the Members should belong to the same category of business, or a complementary one;

3. the WG can be created upon approval of the Executive Committee of CICC;

4. the WG can autonomously organize their activities and local work groups;

5. in their operations, no operational involvement should be demanded to CICC;

6. each WG nominates one co-ordinator and one vice-coordinator, who must be a regularly subscribed Member of the CICC; nominations are renewed once every two years and are to be approved by the Executive Committee of CICC;

7. the WG, its co-ordinator and vice-coordinator do not have prerogative in representing the Chamber;

8. the coordinator agrees with the local VP any activities which might have external visibility.


Visit the specific pages of the active working groups to collect more information and the contact details of its Coordinators.


Healthcare Working Group (HCWG)

Industry & Manufacturing Working Group (IMWG)

Nanjing Working Groups (NWG)

Service Providers Working Group (SPWG)
Suzhou Working Group (SWG)



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