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Crisis Communications in Today’s Real-Time World

Beijing, February 8th 2012



8:30-9:00 Registration 9:45-10:30 Presentation: Crisis Communication: Consumer’s Perspective 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break 11:00-12:00 The 24/7 Environment and Corporate Crisis Preparation

28 F, China Resource Building, No.8 Jianguomen Beidajie, Chaoyang District

RMB 300/members RMB 400/non-members

by 7th February: please send an e-mail to info@cameraitacina.com










Dear Members and Friends,



the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to the conference "Crisis Communications in Today’s Real-Time World" organized by China Entrepreneurs. in Beijing on 8th February 2012.


No matter how well an organization is managed and secured against potential disasters, awareness of the possibility of a crisis situation appearing on the doorstep is essential. The global business environment moves in real-time, and as a result the reaction to a crisis has to be fast. This of course makes accurate crisis management highly difficult to accomplish and exponentially more critical. Combining speed and accuracy in crisis management is a crucial part of every manager’s skill base, and the Crisis Communication Seminar will provide an opportunity to gain comprehensive insight into the challenges that face businesses in today’s realtime world.


8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:45 Presentation: The First 24 Hours: The Secrets of Managing Crisis Communication
The first moments after a crisis occurs are usually the most chaotic and stressful in the entire brand protection and restoration process. However, these moments are also the most important. Decisions and movements made during this time are essential to the success – or failure – of an entire enterprise. This presentation will investigate how to properly organize and train the crisis management team, the goals to achieve while containing a crisis, and ways to ensure high quality internal communication during the first crucial moments after an incident.
9:45-10:30 Presentation: Crisis Communication: Consumer’s Perspective
The appearance of a crisis situation is troublesome not only for a company, but also for its clients. The image of your organization is immediately endangered, and the services you deliver may no longer appear reliable. Many clients will ask for an explanation, and this opportunity may provide you with your best chance of winning back their trust. Establishing a clear message and finding the right person to deliver it is an essential part of calming client fears. Sustaining your business requires identifying and meeting obstacles head-on, and when customers see a team that is aware of the situation and is able to deal with it, client retention is virtually guaranteed.
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 The 24/7 Environment and Corporate Crisis Preparation
Many companies formulate crisis planning strategies only after a crisis has occurred. When a crisis does happen, valuable time is wasted identifying the danger and establishing an approach to minimize harmful effects. During this panel discussion, experts will talk about the essential elements of a crisis program and the potential risks and problems a company will face in its absence.


Venue: Beijing American Club, 28 F, China Resource Building, No.8 Jianguomen Beidajie, Chaoyang District
北京美洲俱樂部 北京市朝阳区建国门北大街8号 华润大厦28层 


How to apply?

If you show interest in this seminar, please send email to info@cameraitacina.com  to reserve the seat by 7th February 2012, including information: • Name • Company Name • Position • Mobile number.

How to pay?
Along with your registeration, you can pay either on the spot or by bank. Please find below detailed bank information for your reference:
1. USD Bank Transfer:
Standard Chartered Bank, Shenzhen Branch, China:
a/c# 501-510-014-009 (SWIFT code: SCBLCNSXSHZ)

2. RMB Bank Transfer:

Bank of Communication Beijing, Municipal Branch, Dongdan Subbranch, China:
Bank Account: 1100 6113 1018 0100 12979
Company Name: 北京英克贝特投资咨询有限公司
If you pay by bank transfer, we kindly remind you to send us copy of the bank slip.
Please be kindly informed that ticket price if payemnt recevied on the spot or by bank for registered people is 300 RMB; ticket price at the entrance for not registered people is 400 RMB.
The conference fee includes: Access to all conference sessions, conference materials, lunches, refreshments and receptions.
* 5.5% tax is included in the ticket price, should you require an official tax receipt (Fa Piao), please contact info@cameraitacina.com

You are liable for 100% of the registration fee in case your cancellation is received less than 24 hours before the event. Your registration implies acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale

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