Sustainable Urbanisation in China – 中国可持续城镇化

13 November 2017

Dear Members and Friends of CICC,

China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to inform you that, thanks to the collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Italian Trade Agency, and the Embassy of Italy in PRC, a new study about “Sustainable Urbanisation in China: Italian expertise and solutions for a mutually beneficial collaboration” has been published.



The thriving phenomenon of Chinese new urbanisation involves different aspects and areas of intervention, generating a fertile land for collaborations between local citizens, civil society, various levels of government as well as local and foreign businesses. The National New-Type Urbanisation Plan, announced by the Government of China in March 2014, sets out to tackle the major challenges that large-scale urbanisation poses for a rapidly evolving economic system while recognising the necessity of a sustainability and quality-driven growth. The 13th Five Year Plan highlights as well the needs for a healthy development of the construction industry and the identification of the proper measures and tools to pursue sustainability and innovation. In such scenario, Italian companies can make valuable contributions in many sectors where they can showcase their technical expertise, advanced technologies and managerial flexibility.

For further information about the topic please check the attached paper.



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