Post Event - "Seminar: Tapping New F&B Growth Opportunities in China and Chongqing" -January 27, 2021

27 January 2021

Dear Members and Friends of CICC,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), as a leading partner of the EU SME Centre, is glad to inform you that the seminar "Tapping New F&B Growth Opportunities in China and Chongqing" took place successfully both online and offline on January 27, 2021. The Seminar assisted European F&B producers to understand the new opportunities in the Chinese F&B market, both nation-wide as well as specifically in Chongqing and the Central/Southwestern region. It was aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises located in European and COSME participating countries, interested in approaching the Chinese market. The workshop was joined by more than 70 people including several experts of the sector.

Mr. Alessio Petino, Knowledge Coordinator of the EU SME Centre, was the moderator of the workshop. He first gave a brief introduction of the contents of the workshop and presented the two organizers - the CICC and the EU SME Centre.

Mr. Paolo Bazzoni, Chairman of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), introduced the general information of CICC in China, then passed the stage to the speakers.

The first speaker of the seminar, Mr. Pablo Recio Gracia, Managing Director of EIBENS, analyzed the impact of Covid-19 on China's imported F&B market. With his presentation, he described the situation in Central/Southwestern China and the growth potential opportunities.

Subsequently, Mr. Gianluca Luisi, Board Member of CICC and CEO at DeZhuang International, provided a deeper understanding of new F&B growth opportunities in China, with a focus on digital consumers and marketplace.

The Workshop was lastly closed by section of Q&A, during which the participants brought up many interesting and inspiring questions related to the topics.

If you missed the opportunity to attend the Online Workshop, you can find the recording on the EU SME Centre YouTube channel at

Do you have a question about doing business in China? A team of experts is on hand to provide you with business advice through the Ask-The-Expert service, free of charge, available at the following link:

For other questions, please contact

The CICC and the EU SME Centre would like to thank all the participants and wish to meet you again in the next workshops.


Kind Regards,


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