Post Event | Scenario and Opportunities for Italian Companies Operating within the Fashion Industry in China

28 May 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

If for decades the fashion industry in China has lagged behind the West, today the situation looks very different and sees the Asian giant positioning itself among the most dynamic and growing fashion markets in the world.

With rapid urbanization and the growing purchasing power of the population, China continues to offer numerous opportunities to multiple types of brands.

It is in this context that the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce today organized together with the Embassy of Italy in the P.R.C. and Confindustria and with the support of ITA - Italian Trade Agency the webinar "Scenario and Opportunities for Italian Companies Operating within the Fashion Industry in China".

The meeting was opened at 3 pm (Beijing time) with the opening remarks by H.E. Luca Ferrari, Ambassador of Italy to the P.R.C.; Carlo Ferro, President of the ITA - Italian Trade Agency; Barbara Beltrame Giacomello, Vice President of Confindustria with Responsibility for Internationalization; Cirillo Marcolin, President of Confindustria Moda; Carlo Capasa, President of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion; Mario Boselli, President of the Italy China Foundation and Honorary President of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion; and Paolo Bazzoni, Chairman of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce.








Then followed a speech by Elisa Qiong Wang, Senior Vice President of, entitled "Opportunities and Challenges of the Chinese Market for Fashion SMEs in the Post COVID-19". When we talk about the Chinese market, we must realize that we are facing a completely different fashion ecosystem from that of any other country. Among its main features are the strong drive towards digitization and the presence of young consumers constantly looking for brands that can match their personal attitudes. What can a brand willing to enter the Chinese market offer this ecosystem?



At 3:30 pm a panel discussion was opened around the theme "Entering the Chinese Market: Practical Advice from Italian Companies already Operating in the Market". To share their experiences there were Umberto Temporini, General Manager of Etro China Ltd., Karl Schlecht, Partner of Thierry Rabotin, Gino Di Luca, Owner of Cameo Italiano, Giuseppe De Biasi, General Manager Retail Greater China of Luxottica, Attilio Briccola, CEO and Asia Commercial Manager of Bric's, and Giorgio Guida, CEO of Numero Otto. There were many topics in the debate on which the participants were called to intervene: channels and methods of access to the market; risks and benefits deriving from direct/indirect access; necessary profiles and capabilities; physical/online distribution: existing benefits and/or risks; organizational structures to support plans for entry and expansion in China; target customer profiles observed in development plans in China; branding in China: actions taken and differences with other markets; changes in the post-pandemic era.



At the end of the panel discussion, there was a speech by Giulio Balossi, General Manager of Albachiara, entitled “Entry Strategies in the Chinese Market for B2B Business”. The Chinese fashion market undoubtedly represents an important opportunity for Italian companies in the textile and clothing chain. The speech examined the various ways in which Italian companies not yet operating in the market can face it, from on-site production to the import and marketing of yarns and fabrics produced in Italy, bearing in mind some critical issues that companies already operating in the market had to face.



Immediately after, there was a speech by Fabio Giacopello, Managing Partner of HFG Law & Intellectual Co. Ltd., entitled "Main Guidelines for Italian Companies Operating within the Fashion Industry in China". It offered a concise overview of the most important legal aspects to take into consideration when doing business in China. The speaker focused in particular on the protection of Intellectual Property, legislative changes to Joint Ventures, practical suggestions on contracts and commercial disputes, ending with a reminder of the importance of clearance on communication and compliance in general.



A Q&A session closed the event.


The webinar was moderated by Mauro Maggioni, Board Member of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, and hosted by Giulia Gallarati, Secretary General of the Chamber.




If interested in downloading the ppt proposed during the webinar, please consider the links below:

Ppt by Elisa Qiong Wang, Senior Vice President of

Ppt by Fabio Giacopello, Managing Partner of HFG Law & Intellectual Co. Ltd.




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