Post Event | CICC MEWG Intercompany Network at Danieli China | October 13th, 2021, Changshu

13 October 2021

The second session of the Intercompany Network organized this year by our Manufacturing Engineering Working Group (MEWG) was held on October 13th at Danieli China, in Changshu.



Over 40 people working in Italian industrial manufacturing companies took part in the company tour aimed at learning more about the business case history and perspectives of Danieli China.

Thanks to the factory visit it was possible to share topics of common interest for the local business community. 




The main issue addressed during the discussion of the MEWG were the restrictions on the use of electricity in place on much of the Chinese territory, which have had a significant impact on the activities of our companies. In some cases the companies were disconnected from the electricity grid for only a few hours, in others they were forced to stop production for days, even without warning.

Our Chamber of Commerce continues to monitor this issue very closely and has also launched a survey to assess the impact on your business.

Among the participants were Mr Carlo Nizia, MEWG Vice-Coordinator and Risk Management at UFI FILTERS, Ms Alessandra Palumbo, Commercial Consul of the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, Mr Augusto Di Giacinto, ITA Trade Commissioner, Mr Diego Pedrocchi, CEO of Danieli China and Mr Lorenzo Libanori, Sales Director at Danieli China.








About Danieli China:

Danieli is a full cycle provider from raw materials to finished products in the metals industry. Based in Italy, it is present worldwide with over 30 offices and multiple production facilities – one of the biggest being located in Jiangsu Province, China.

Danieli is adamant in understanding and satisfying the customer’s needs through their experience, continuous improvement and flexibility. In China, they have set-out a strategy that is letting them to grow within the metal’s industry through diversification (e.g. robotics) and new “China-for-China” business models, allowing them to maintain the impeccable quality standards associated with their name through a full local production.

Furthermore, Danieli China is focusing on helping its customers comply with the ambitious Central Government’s targets on carbon reduction and intelligent manufacturing through its available and proven technology for green steel manufacturing and digitalization.

For more information about Danieli China, please visit the following website link:

Website link: 



The CICC would like to express our special thanks to all the participants and Danieli China for offering us this amazing company tour.

The MEWG will continue holding the Intercompany Network Series in order to offer all of you a precious chance of business cases learning.

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