Post event - CICC I&TWG Webinar: "Sensors in the Workplace. Employees Wellbeing for Productivity and Retention" – 25th February 2021

25 February 2021

Dear Members and Friends of the CICC,

We are glad to inform you that the Webinar: "Sensors in the Workplace. Employees Wellbeing for Productivity and Retention", which has been organized by China-Italy Chamber of Commerce CICC and the CICC Innovation & Technology Working Group (I&TWG), took place via Zoom, on 25th February 2021.

The speakers who took part of the event were:

  • Gianluca Giorgi I&T WG Coordinator and Founder of ES Automation Consultants LTD.
  • Rosanna Terminio, AsecorpChina Business Consulting and PhD Candidate UOC
  • Luciano Marzaro, Managing Director, Carel China
  • Luca Tarsetti, APAC Regional Director, iGuzzini
  • Alessandro Bisagni, BEE Incorporations

Gianluca Giorgi, I&T WG Coordinator and Founder of ES Automation Consultants LTD. , gave the welcome speech and introduced the I&TWG program for 2021.

This Webinar aimed to expose all their Members to new technologies and technological solutions through theoretical contents and practical demonstrations, in order to possibly improve companies' performances and generate cross-innovation and collaboration among their Members, but also between their Members and Non Members.

Rosanna Terminio, AsecorpChina Business Consulting and PhD Candidate UOC, introduced existing technological trends favoring work from home/remotely and productivity of employees/staff. She stated that the future of the workplace will be hybrid, and a mixed workforce of full-time+part-time staff that can work also remotely and contractors.  According to the speaker, the environment of the workplace is important, including space design and sensors in the workplace.

In addition, air quality in the workplace affects our health, efficiency and comfort. According to Luciano Marzaro, Managing Director of Carel China, 90% of our time is inside a building, so the buildings can make you sick or keep you well. Indoor air quality refers to the properties of air inside buildings, in relation to how these affect human health and permanence indoors. Main Climatic factors include temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, noise and pollutants. Temperature Control is a basic requirement, but Humidity is essential to improve wellbeing. Humidity Control Affects perspiration, eyes and skin dryness, amount of airborne dust, Prevent Sick Building Syndrome. To improve personnel wellbeing scientific evidence shows that keeping air relative humidity between 40 and 60% has significant benefits on human health.

Moreover, Luca Tarsetti, APAC Regional Director of iGuzzini introduced a lighting design research project called Double Dynamic Light, bringing the qualities of dynamic light into the office. He mentioned that Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) is a new light design concept for dynamic indoor lighting and that it is used in indoor environments such as offices, schools and  hospital environments. For this project, Luca Tarsetti talked about three design experiments, of which the first one was aimed at finding out correct combination of direct light and diffuse light. In the second experiment, color temperature and sky type were taken into consideration while in the third, intensity is considered. The results revealed that DDL scenario provides higher visual comfort. Besides, it is described with references to the naturalness and as more comfortable and stimulating. And the static lighting, esp. during evening hours, was described as too bright and intense, as clinical and uncomfortable atmosphere. These results, according to Luca Tarsetti, are the first step to go further.

Alessandro Bisagni, Founder and President of BEE Incorporations, discussed how health and wellness standards such as WELL are utilizing on-site tests for measuring the quality of air, light, sound, and thermal comfort. He then compared this methodology to real-time monitoring applied in leading green building certifications, such as the Virus Transmission Index by RESET. Lastly, he focused on the innovative future applications of sensor technology taking place in the market.

The event ended with a Q&A session, during which the participants deepened the topic with an abondant serious of questions. 

Kind regards,


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