First train from Milano to Chengdu Arrives at its Destination in China

20 December 2017

Dear CICC Members and Friends,


December 17th, after 20 days and 10694Km, the first train from Milano to Chengdu arrives at its destination in China; inside of the train all the excellence of the Made in Italy coming from the fashion, automotive, machinery, F&B and furniture industries.

The train left on November 28th from Mortara, a small-town close by Pavia, it crossed Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Byelorussia, Russia and Kazakhstan to arrive in Chengdu, its end destination.


This International railway service is specially designed for companies with interest of using the revolutionary railway logistics services or which are trying to find an alternative method other than sea freight and air freight; this service is in fact faster than Sea freight and more economical than Air freight.


This train is going to increase the already growing commercial exchange between Italy and China and it will open the China South West Market to many Italian Companies.


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