Agenda | Election EEPWG Coordinator and Vice-coordinators - July 16th, 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce would like to remind you that the Elections for the New Coordinator and Vice-Coordinators of the Energy and Environmental Protection Working Group (EEPWG) will be held online on July 16th, 2021 at 15:00 (CST).

The Elections will be the first important occasion of gathering for the Working Group in 2021. On this occasion, the activities update for the next semester and the program for the next two years will be presented. 



■ 15:00 – 15:10 Welcome Remarks – Matteo Tanteri, CICC Vice Chairman (Beijing)
■ 15:10 – 15:20 Remarks from former EEPWG Coordinators 
■ 15:20 – 15:30 Results announcement
■ 15:30– 15:45 Remarks from newly elected Coordinator and Vice Coordinators
■ 15:45– 16:00 Q&A and Conclusion

To confirm your attendance at the online meeting, please write an email to within July 15th, 18:00 (CST).

Please note that the Working Groups meetings are only open to CICC Members

Each participant can vote for max n.1 candidate for Coordinator and n.1 candidate for Vice-Coordinator by sending an email to within 24 hours before the elections (proxies are not accepted). Please note, elected Coordinator and Vice-Coordinators will stay in charge for two years.


Luigi Minervini - Chairman, Ansaldo Shanghai (BIO)
Marco Camertoni - Managing Director, Loccioni China (BIO)
Alberto Noventa - Asia Area Manager, CIBUNIGAS SPA (BIO)
Teti Maria Licursi - ENI Representative Office Beijing (BIO)
Levi Li - Baker Hughes China Gov’t Relations & Strategic Partnership Leader (BIO)
Simone Padoan - Secretary-General EEGEX (BIO)
About the Energy and Environment protection Working Group (EEPWG)
EEPWG welcomes all Italian companies, entities, and individuals operating within the energy and environmental protection industrial sectors along the relative value chains (upstream, downstream, fossil energy, renewable energy, distribution, consumption, emission/water/waste/soil treatment, energy saving, etc.).
EEPWG is an initiative supported by the Embassy of Italy to the PRC and China-Italy Chamber of Commerce. EEPWG aims at representing the active coordination structure of the “Pacchetto Energia/Ambiente” developed by the Embassy of Italy in 2014 and subject to many inter-governmental agreements.
Please click here to know more about EEPWG.

Kind Regards,
The CICC Team

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce would like to remind you that the Elections for the New Coordinator and Vice-Coordinators of the Energy and Environmental Protection Working Group (EEPWG) will be held online on July 16th, 2021 at 15:00 (CST).
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