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16 Dicembre 2009


the Italian way
Gateway to Italian Services in Shanghai

Dear Members,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that launch of the subscription campaign for the second edition of the Italian way - Gateway to Italian Services in Shanghai.

Formulated to respond ahead of times to the demand and the supply of professional services by Italian enterprises in preparation of the 2010 World Expo, the Italian way intends being a practical guide to connect Italian clients overseas with Italian service providers localized in Shanghai.

The Italian way consists in a user-friendly pocket guide, listing the contacts of all the Italian companies that have subscribed to the initiative, sorted by category and service industry, able to provide state-of-the-art Made in Italy services, localized and conveniently available in Shanghai.
The pocket guide also includes a city-map, with dots indicators corresponding to each subscribing Member office location, and a utility guide for the visitors to access primary necessity services in town.

The pocket Guide, published in its first edition from Oct. 2009 to January 2010, is distributed by CICC through its institutional partners` network in China and Italy. Its official presentation was made in Salerno, Italy, in the occasion of the 18th World Convention of the Chambers of Commerce Abroad, and was welcomed with interest and success. Distribution has so far been achieved in 30.000 soft-copies, and 5.000 printed copies.
A full collection of press-releases is available for you to download at this link 1 (October press clipping), link 2 (November press clipping), if you wish to assess the media coverage and follow-up on its official launch.


2009-08-14 The Italian way Cover.jpg

An online version of the Italian way in its 1st edition can be downloaded on CICC website.

The second edition will be printed and distributed as from March 2010 in Shanghai through the Italian Institutions network, while in Italy distribution will be made in the form of a paper insert to the monthly magazine e`Italia, with an expected coverage of 15000 printed copies.

The Italian way will be associated in Shanghai to an initiative organized and promoted by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Italian way @ M House, which consists of an Italian Open Door House, located in a historical building near the Bund, where for 6 months as from May 1st events and activities will take place, for CICC to promote the Made in Italy and its Makers in its every expression!

As an exclusive benefit for subscribing to the Italian way 2nd edition, all the Subscribers will be recommended as "preferred suppliers" for related services, to all Italian companies and entities staging their events at the Italian way @ M House!

Subscription to the Italian way 2nd edition is subject to specific requirements, as follows:

  • Each listing or ADV subscribing company is required to be a CICC regularly subscribed Member in 2010, by the time when the booking is made
  • Each listing subscribing company is required to have a fully operational office based in Shanghai, condition necessary to be able to provide timely services to any clients before and during the Expo 2010; for Member companies not having an operational office in Shanghai who anyway wish to use this tool to advertise their presence in China, the ADV subscribing option can be available at standard costs, but no inclusion in the industry listing, nor any mention in the "preferred suppliers" of the Italian way @ M house will be contemplated
  • Each listing subscribing company is required to provide services in one of the listed industries (see industry list below)
  • Subscription is subject to participation fees (see details below)

Industry Category Listing   

  Architecture & Design 

Branding, Communication & Marketing

Business Consulting

  Exhibition Organizers 

Financial & Fiscal Consulting

Food & Beverage, Catering

Hotel & Hospitality

Insurance Services

IPR consulting

IT Services

Legal Consulting

Logistics & Forwarding

Personal Care & Beauty 

PR & Event Organizers

Travel & Tourism

The listings will include below details for each company:
Company Name in Shanghai, and Company Logo
Contact person in Shanghai
Address in Shanghai (main headquarters)
Telephone and e-mail
Website (if any)
Activity short description

Languages will be English/Italian and Chinese.

Participating companies will be listed under category, by English name or transliteration in alphabetical order.

Second Edition Subscription Terms and Conditions

Members who intend to subscribe to this initiative for its second edition should send their written confirmation by e-mail to by Jan.8th, 2010, noon time.

Listing Options:
Each Member company can subscribe to be listed under one of above categories, according to their main industry.
In case of companies active in cross-industries (ie: an advertising company could also offer branding and marketing services, as well as graphic design), a multi-category fee is available.

Second Edition Subscription fees are as follows:

One category          RMB 6,000.00
Two categories       RMB 8,000.00
Multi-categories     RMB 10,000.00 (to a maximum of 3 categories)

Each subscriber will receive 15 / 30 / 45 copies of the pocket guide for their own distribution, according to each Subscription Package as above listed, accordingly.
Any additional copy can be purchased at RMB 50/each.

Members are kindly requested to settle relevant fees in cash or by bank transfer, within 5 workings days upon booking confirmation.

Advertising Options:
CICC Members can further seize the opportunities that the EXPO 2010 will generate, by advertising their services through specific adv pages in the Italian way pocket guide, for an eye catching visual effect!

All adv are available as inside-page, pocket guide size full page, full color, and specific techspecs (dimension, file type, resolution etc) need to be respected by the Member when submitting its ADV page file to CICC (adv non in conformity might not be accepted and subject to revision).
20 adv pages are available for sale, based on first-come first served basis, in progressive order.

Following packages are available:

One category + adv page           = RMB 10,000.00
Two categories + adv page        = RMB 12,000.00
3-categories + adv page            = RMB 15,000.00

ADV are to be booked and purchased by the deadline of Jan. 8th, 2010, noon time.

Members are kindly requested to settle relevant fees in cash or by bank transfer, within 5 workings days upon booking confirmation.

Bookmark Bidding Race

As a unique occasion to buy your company a top visibility spot in the booklet, ONE BOOKMARK ONLY is available, at starting bid price of RMB 20,000.00!
Bookmark bidding includes one category listing f.o.c.
Bidding will be closed by Dec. 23rd, 2009, noon time, for the highest bidder to be entitled to enjoy the extraordinary benefit!
All biddings must be made by sending written information to the attention of Ms Elena Tosana, at

First Edition Subscribers Reward Discount

All 2010 regularly subscribed CICC Members who participated to the first edition of the Italian way will enjoy RMB 1,000.00 discount on their second edition purchase, if they book their listing by the deadline of Dec. 23rd 2009, noon time.
After such deadline, regular fees shall be applied.

Members are kindly requested to settle relevant fees in cash or by bank transfer, within 5 workings days upon booking confirmation.

For more information and subscriptions to the second edition, please contact Ms Elena Tosana, at 021.54075181, or write to

Bring your company expertise and skills to the attention of the Expo 2010 arena, subscribe now to the CICC Gateway and start walking the Italian way to the Expo 2010!



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