5th Monthly Meeting of CICC Board of Directors Held on September 22nd

26 Settembre 2022

The Board of Directors of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce met on September 22nd 2022.

The meeting was opened by our Chairman, Paolo Bazzoni, who first of all paid tribute to Mr Guido D. Giacconi, former Vice President of CICC and one of our most committed and active members, who sadly passed away prematurely last week after having offered for his entire life an unconditional commitment to the business community in China. The whole Board of Directors expressed deepest condolences for the sad loss and heartfelt sympathy to Guido’s family members.

Chairman Bazzoni then provided an update on the membership base, which continues to show a positive growth trend in all territories, reaching 807 Members, +10.8% on an annual basis. He also summarized the latest important meetings that the Chamber is holding with key partners in Italy, with the aim of identifying new business opportunities and starting new collaborations in favor of our companies.

To name just a few:
• Meeting with the Governance of the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, which will lead to the opening of a direct connection between students and companies through training internships as well as to the production of in-depth business analyses performed by the University and our Working Groups;
• Meeting with Venicepromex, during which possible areas of cooperation were identified;
• Meeting with the start-up Newtwen, a spinoff of the University of Padua, engaged in the development of software solutions that automatically generate embedded Digital Twins;
• Participation in the initiative "Exporting through Digital" organized by SACE Education and Promos Italia, during which the CICC provided important information in favor of business development initiatives for SMEs in Italy;
• Meeting with Confindustria – an association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy – with the drafting of a bilateral cooperation agreement.

The meeting then continued with speeches by three newly elected Working Group Coordinators: Carlo Nizia for the Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG), Valtero Canepa for the Healthcare Working Group (HCWG) and Lorenzo Balì for the Suzhou Chapter (SCH).

Among the initiatives presented, the recent launch by the MEWG of a WeChat Mini Program dedicated to the Italian companies operating in the mechanical engineering field in China.

To visit the mini program, scan the QR code below:

Following this, our Secretary General, Renzo Isler, discussed with board members topics such as 2022 economic forecasts, human resources and activities/initiatives of the Chamber.

Finally, the meeting focused on the various territories of China where the CICC carries out its actions. Updates were provided by Vice President Matteo Tanteri on the North China region; by Vice President Gaetano Cantalupo on the East China region; by Board Member Giacomo Bove on the Suzhou area; by Vice President Gianluca Luisi on the Southwest China region; and by Vice President Raphael Paul Cooper on the South China region.

The next board meeting is scheduled for October 28th 2022.



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