Sustainable Urban Development Forum and launch of ECEB Network

24 April 2009

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, under the initiation of the German Chamber of Commerce, and with the co-organization of the Swiss Chamber, the Spanish Chamber and the French Chamber of Commerce has contributed and witnessed the launch of ECEB Network, during the Forum on Sustainable Urban Development held in Shanghai on April 24th.

Authorities from Shangyu Ecocity participated to the first debate, whose contents and outcome will generate a further follow up, bringing together the local government and foreign companies active in the eco-compatible building, to discuss a co-operation strategy.

Mr Giovanni Orgera, Vice President of CICC in Shanghai, acted as Moderator of the second session of the forum, dedicated to Urban Technologies.
"Urban technologies" are, generally speaking, all products, systems and methods which are needed to plan, create and operate an urban settlement. That extends from state, regional and city planning, transportation and supply-systems planning and dimensioning, through the implementation of such planning into real operation applied to the city infrastructures.

Most likely, China will take a leading role in the current worldwide transformation of rural societies into industrial and post-industrial ones. The Chinese example might therefore have the potential to become a role model for other countries facing comparable problems.
The proper use of up to date urban technologies will not only save a lot of resources but will significantly reduce the investment cost as well as the operational costs tremendously.
These are therefore unquestionably national political issues, which could trigger a virtuous circle with the Chinese authorities, to accelerate the necessary evolution of the legislative, regulatory and social environment and accelerate the market growth of Green Building and its positive effects on the Chinese economy.

The third and fourth debate focused on Carbon Trade and on Energy Efficient Buildings, respectively, aiming to explain the importance of reducing CO2 emissions worldwide, and maximizing the energy consumption when it comes to greenhouse gas emission and buildings infrastructural planning.

ECEB activities online will continue to develop above topics, and report on relevant developments.
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