“The PINKO Case Study”, IP Solutions for China

20 April 2022

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) organized the webinarThe PINKO Case Study: Drivers for Success” on April 19th. The session, organized by our Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG), discussed the brand experience in China with a focus on IP protection

Pinko started as a small family business in Emilia, Northern Italy in the late eighties. Now, it has 300 mono-brand stores worldwide, of which 90 are in China. 

Caterina Negra, member of the founding family and Creative Director of PINKO, discussed the positioning of the brand and the importance of the Asian market with a focus on China.

Pinko creates 2600 original items each year in a process handled entirely in-house, Caterina discussed how copycats affect the business and the commitment to the creative idea.

In 2021, on the mainstream Chinese online ecosystem, only 28% of PINKO sales came from official sales. Roberto Sergi, Global Managing Director – Business & Markets focused on the challenges generated by the cases of counterfeits and unauthorized sales in the China market. He presented the hurdles faced to protect the creativity effort both for the trademark and SKU designs and the solutions adopted.

Yoyo Liang, China Chief Client Officer, Re-Hub, presented how they used technology solutions to collaborate with Pinko to enforce their rights using data and AI. Yoyo underlined the importance of controlling brand presence in the digital ecosystem and the opportunity to use technology to clean the market.

In conclusion, Filippo Sticconi, Senior Associate, GWA and Member of CICC Intellectual Property Working Group, offered practical suggestions to companies to protect their IP online. In such a complex market as the Chinese one, Filippo invited companies to 1) Jointly use technology and legal enforcement to create a virtuous cycle for IP protection; 2) Act in advance to ensure the right protection for creativity and innovation. He provided a roadmap to respond to infringement according to the specific case and the company budget. 

The webinar was moderated by Guilherme Campos, CICC IPWG Vice-Coordinator.

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