21 April 2010

The first meeting of the new CICC`s Board of Directors took place last April 16th at CICC Shanghai Office. Many members joined the event, while a few were connected by video conference from the other Offices.

As first act, the Board of Directors restated its duty in observing the code of conduct already approved in the last Board meeting. This code binds members, if while carrying out their functions they got in touch with people or firms - members or non members - or had news about business opportunity, to use such news and acquaintances for personal exclusive advantage and to promote themselves or their firm.

In order to strengthen CICC`s activities in some off-center areas (considering the three Jurisdiction`s Offices) nevertheless characterized by a significant presence of members or potential members it was also decided to nominate local "delegates". Taking in consideration the specificity and the relevance of Suzhou, it has been decided to nominate Mr. Fiorenzo Brioschi (there resident) "Delegate for Suzhou area". Other delegates will be nominated subsequently. Vice presidents were also in charged to make contact in the areas under their jurisdiction in order to formulate suggestions for possible candidates to the Board of Directors.

Several organizational and managing issues had been discussed (staff and offices in particular) and the annual budget was reviewed. Moreover, it has been reaffirmed the principle according to which all the CICC`s activities have to be concluded in break even.

Concluding, it has been confirmed that Elena Tosana, Current Manager of Shanghai, will take charge of the General Secretary of the CICC in Beijing from next May 1st replacing Luisa Bergonzoni. The Board of Directors expressed its warm thanks to Miss Bergonzoni for her brilliant job, carried on with energy and commitment, along with grace and kindness that lasted for more than four years. To Elena Tosana all the best wishes for a similar success.

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