The new edition of the Master "Dicovering China"

09 February 2009
The course is oriented towards young graduates who intend to develop their career in conjunction with the Chinese market, in order to comprehend the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and risks.
More and more companies need to introduce their staff, professional people with a high knowledge of the Chinese reality. The aim of the course “DiscoveringChina” is to develop the management skills of the students in order to understand how to face risks, to consider real chances and how to respond to possible problems which a company could come across during the internationalization process in China. 

We offer the possibility to sponsor the “Discovering China” course.  Sponsorship will provide evaluations of students’ profiles and Cvs, with the option of a possible training period of 3/6 months at your companies’ offices.

For further information please refer to the following downloads:

- Presentation (English)

Terms for adhering:

To register as sponsor, subscription is required by the 15th of March 2009

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