EVENT RECAP | MEWG Modula Company Visit, 6 June 2024

11 June 2024

Dear CICC members and friends,


On 6th June the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with its Mechanical and Engineering Working Group (MEWG), organized a company visit to Modula for around 40 participants.

Riccardo Budriesi, Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG) & CEO at Marposs (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd., kicked off the event and invited Miguel Fabra, Managing Director, MODULA Asia, to give a delivery warm welcome speech.



Modula's recipe for success is based on two key ingredients: global reach and responsiveness. Its network of four manufacturing facilities, strategically located in Italy, the USA and China, ensures high-quality production close to customers. Recognizing the booming Asia-Pacific market, Modula made a strategic move in 2012. They established a state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 factory in Suzhou, China, with a capacity of 1,000 machines per year. This investment ensures fast deliveries throughout the region.


Lorenzo Riccardi, CICC Chairman & CEO of RsA Asia (Shanghai) Co, Ltd, then gave a welcome address, emphasizing the importance of the institutional visit and the strong links between Shanghai and Suzhou.



Mirko Turrina, Vice Coordinator of MEWG & General Manager of Goglio (Tianjin) Packaging Co., Ltd. then gave a presentation on the CICC working groups and highlighted the importance of the Engineering Working Group (MEWG). He stressed the importance of working together to improve the efficiency of all companies operating in China, especially in the context of the "Made in China 2025" plan.



The first theme explored in this session was “How to multiply your margins with intralogistic automation solution”.


Miguel Fabra, Managing Director of MODULA Asia, gave a detailed presentation of the company and its automated storage solutions, which are used to optimize space and improve picking and storage operations for different industries or environments, increasing productivity and creating more ergonomic working conditions for operators. All this while ensuring the highest quality in every product.



Then, Iven Zong, Sales technical support of Automha industries co,. Ltd went into deeper details about how automation and virtual workflow can further generate a scaling up of sales and many other related benefits, just like Automha has been doing in the past 10 years.



After this session, Donato Morea, Chief Representative, SACE China and East Asia, then took the floor to share ideas and thoughts on how Italian companies can be strengthened in China, and to explain how SACE has been able to promote its strategy and create links between Italian companies and foreign buyers, also thanks to the organization of business matching activities.



The next speaker, Bruno Lhopiteau, Managing Director, Siveco China, gave an interesting presentation on Industrial AI: real-world insights to predict and optimize your operations. He explained how AI can be applied to existing solutions to help overcome challenges. What he emphasized is that AI is not magic and cannot work and be reliable without precedent data. Siveco's latest project involves the creation of a water treatment plan in Cambodia, where the traditional project was improved using AI.



The afternoon continued with a full factory tour, where participants had the opportunity to see Modula's products at first hand.



The visit left the attendees with many questions and curiosities about the company and its products.


The day ended with a lively Q&A session. One particularly interesting question focused on product maintenance. Modula addressed this by highlighting their impressive track record of machines lasting over 30 years. This is achieved through quality control and high-quality components. To further ensure smooth operation, Modula offers a comprehensive maintenance program with various packages.


The session also explored the service options, including preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance, as well as their upcoming 24/7 WeChat support, accessible via a QR code placed directly on the product. This demonstrates Modula's commitment to exceptional customer service and support.



In the end, Emilio Cassanelli, CICC Board Member & VP China Operations, GM Italgroup Hydraulic Motors (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd, gave a warm farewell speech to all the participants and wished Modula and all the participants prosperity.



A special thanks to Modula for hosting us and for all your participation!

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