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17 May 2023


On Thursday, May 11th, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce and its Young Professionals Network (中Y意) held the webinar: "From Employee to Enterprising: How to Register a Startup in China."

The CICC Young Professionals Network organizes events and activities that aim at sharing ideas and resources, career insight, and advising young professionals interested in developing their careers in China. 

The webinar registered more than 50 participants online. 

To begin with, the webinar gave an overview of how to register a startup in ChinaMauro Dellisanti, Finance Manager at RsA Asia, described in detail the legal process when establishing a company in China, focusing in particular on taxation and how to benefit from the current law


"In order to make an idea a reality, execution is key. One part of execution is undoubtedly establishing your own entity and keeping it running in the correct way." — Mauro Dellisanti, Finance Manager at RsA Asia




Mauro’s speech was followed by a panel discussion. For the occasion, we invited Lorenzo Barbieri, Co-founder and Brand Manager at Eastern Leaves, and Demian S. Loganathan, Founder and CEO at Cantina Catering Management (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., to share their personal experiences as Italian entrepreneurs, in particular pros and cons to open a company in China and what challenges and opportunities they faced during the first years of their business. They advised future entrepreneurs on the steps to follow before opening a startup and how to create a successful brand in ChinaAdjusting to the local environment, understanding the culture, and being flexible are essential aspects to be considered.


"Dreams can come true with passion and persistency… "— Demian S. Loganathan, Founder and CEO at Cantina Catering Management (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.


"Be lean, be nimble, and observe closely what awaits you; your drive as an entrepreneur is your business strength: therefore, don’t forget to take care of yourself; don't be afraid to share your ideas with other people, and do not hesitate to ask for help and guidance; be passionate. "— Lorenzo Barbieri, Co-founder and Brand Manager at Eastern Leaves


The webinar was moderated by Elisa Yazidi, Coordinator of the CICC China-Italy Young Professionals Network (中Y意) and Branding Manager at EhaiTech (Guangzhou Google Ads Experience Center). 

Interested in joining the Young Professionals Network?  Send us an email to bj.events@cameraitacina.com.


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