Collaboration between Sino-Italy Center For ETCE (Wuhan)

24 August 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to inform you about its cooperation with Sino-Italy Center For ETCE (Wuhan), aimed at fostering economic and trade exchanges between Italy and Wuhan city.

If you are interested in cooperating with Wuhan city in the fields of catering, retail merchandise, children's clothing and other industries, please check the attached file "Optics Valley International Plaza Investment Manual" for specific ways of cooperation.

We will launch match-making meeting online according to the cooperation intention of both sides, and organize the two parties to carry out negotiation and hopefully, to achieve practical out-comes. 
(Figure 1) Wuhan

Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei, is the center of central China. In recent years, Wuhan has developed rapidly and its consumption capacity continues to climb. According to relevant statistics, the gross domestic product (GDP) of Wuhan reached 162.2321 billion yuan in 2019, ranking the eighth among Chinese mainland cities.

Wuhan has been known as the “college city” and the education center in central China because of the large number of universities. According to relevant statistics, about 3 million college students are in Wuhan in 2019, accounting for about 1/10 of the students in colleges and universities in China. The consumer group is large.

(Figure 2) Project site, Guanggu Square, landmark of Wuhan

At present, the situation of Wuhan epidemic situation has completely improved, the economy and daily life have returned to normal. If you are interested in our project, please click on the original text to download the "Optics Valley International Plaza Investment Manual" to get the specific ways of cooperation. And download the attached application form, then send to the email

The participation is free of charge but the selection of the companies will be subjected to Sino-Italy Center For ETCE (Wuhan) approval.

Kind Regards,

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