CICC Report: Impact of Covid-19 on Italian Companies in China

29 March 2022

From March 16th till March 22nd, 2022, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) conducted a survey among its members to assess the impact of recent COVID-19 restrictions on the activities of the Italian Business Community in China. Issues such as repercussions on the supply chain, impact on production, travel restrictions and smart working have been analyzed.

Download the full report here.

The main goal of the survey is to carefully monitor the situation to evaluate actions in support of our companies.
The survey collected 83 answers, with a large majority of the respondents based in the East area of China (71%), with Shanghai alone accounting for 49%.

Considering the presence of the Italian companies in China and the composition of the CICC membership, more than 50% of the companies being part of the survey belongs to the manufacturing sector, with 26% involved in B2B and B2C services.

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce regrets to see that China is being swept by a new epidemic wave and appreciates the efforts made by the Chinese government to stop the increase in new cases of COVID-19. 
However, our latest survey shows that the new restrictions in place are affecting social and economic relations on a national scale, especially in eastern China. From the information available thus far, it appears that the new restrictions will persist until at least mid-April.

In light of the results of the survey, we will inform our diplomatic representation in order to advocate the serious difficulties faced by our businesses towards the local authorities.

This is the first of a series of short surveys aimed at investigating the inconvenience caused to our members and evaluating support actions and meetings with the competent local authorities. Pending new developments, the CICC staff continues to monitor the situation.

We look forward to the return to normal operations, hopefully in the shortest time possible.
For urgent reports, please contact our offices located in the various regions of China.

Kind regards,
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce

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