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30 October 2023

Dear Members and Friends,

Following a vacancy for the Coordinator position before its planned term, Riccardo Budriesi (CEO at Marposs (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd.), currently Vice-Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG), will take over the Coordinator position.

We are, therefore, officially calling for candidates for the elections of one Vice-Coordinator of the Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG), preferably located in Suzhou.

The Working Group elections will be held on November 28th, 2023 at 4:00 PM (Beijing time) on Zoom.



We invite interested candidates to present their candidacy by filling in the form (available by scanning the QR Code below) and sending it to together with a scan of the residence permit and a short biography by November 16th at 18:00 (Beijing time).

Click here to download the candidacy form.

As a rule, Vice Coordinators' positions are renewed every two years. Due to the circumstances, the newly elected Vice Coordinator will inherit the mandate that was established in the last electoral cycle. Consequently, she/he will be in charge until June 2024, together with the current coordinator and the other vice-coordinators.


To consult CICC's Working Groups General Rules please click here.


Please be aware that the Working Groups meetings are only open to CICC Members.

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Riccardo Budriesi

MEWG Coordinator, CEO at Marposs (Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd.


Tiziano Sandonini

MEWG Vice-coordinator Board Member at Santoni (Shanghai) Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd.


Mirko Turrina

MEWG Vice-coordinator General, Manager of Goglio (Tianjin) Packaging Co., Ltd.


Next Vice-coordinator


CICC Working Groups

The Working Groups bring together representatives of companies operating in the same sector or located in the same geographical area. The aim is to share information, resources and ideas, organize relevant activities for the companies, and build sectorial expertise within the CICC in order to attract interest both in China and in Italy to benefit companies not present on Chinese territory yet. 




About Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG)

The MEWG represents the interest of all Italian companies in China working directly or indirectly in the sector on a national base.

MEWG Objectives:

  • Coordinate and promote all Italian members’ needs which are active in many different industries of the Chinese mechanical engineering sector (machinery, automotive, component manufacturers, mechanical engineering...);
  • Promote and raise awareness of the size and the importance of Italian technology in the sector to all counterparts in China and Italy, in order to develop business opportunities;
  • Coordinate and promote activities and events that boost the visibility and the image of “Technology Made in Italy”.
  • Become a reference for all mechanical engineering companies within the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about the MEWG, please contact us at

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