CICC Meets with Sichuan Tianfu New Area

28 April 2022

On April 11th 2022, a bilateral meeting was held in Chengdu between the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) and the Sino Italian Cultural Innovation Park of Tianfu New Area (DSICI). The CICC was represented by the Vice Chairman in Chongqing Mr Gianluca Luisi, while the DSICI was represented by the Deputy Director Mr Lu Qiansheng.

The two sides discussed the contents and details of the bilateral cooperation from 2022 to 2023, also drawing up a detailed work plan for the first phase of the collaboration. The plan includes a series of online and offline activities aimed at creating cooperation opportunities between Italian and Chinese companies in Tianfu.

Director Lu confirmed the full support by DSICI in implementing policies for attracting Italian talents and quality projects within the sphere of creative industries, recognizing the importance of Italian expertise in these fields and great potential for cooperation with local companies.

Mr Luisi confirmed the commitment of CICC to jointly promote and build the DSICI, also mentioning a series of activities, such as Italy meets China’s Southwest- Chengdu Station, that will increase the visibility of Southwest China and the Park among Italian companies.

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