CICC Meets with Chaoyang District Government

29 September 2022

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) met with government representatives of the Commercial Bureau of Chaoyang District on Monday, October 26th, at CICC office in Beijing, Sanlitun. 

Our Chamber was represented by Mr Renzo Isler, Secretary General, while the Chinese side was represented by Mr Lu Qinhong, Deputy Director of Commercial Bureau of Chaoyang District, Ms Li Jiajing, Section Chief of Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion, and Mr Pan Yong, Section Member of Foreign Trade and Investment Promotion.



Chaoyang District is the largest and most populous urban area in Beijing. Situated in the eastern side, it represents a central business district and an attractive international hub for foreign investments

This first meeting was the occasion to offer a thorough overview on our membership base and the needs of our companies in the area. Our Secretary General reiterated the concerns of the business community related to mobility and visa policies. The uncertain business environment makes businesses cautious in investing while still regarding China as a market with great potential. 

In this environment, our Chamber is working to strengthen information to its associates in China and open channels for Italian companies interested in the market to encourage new investments. Mr Isler highlighted the importance of working together with local government institutions to conduct this action.

The representatives of the Commercial Bureau acknowledged the concerns of foreign businesses voiced by our Secretary General stressing the availability of the Chaoyang government to offer strong support to the companies investing in the area. The district is committed to creating opportunities, facilitating procedures, and welcoming innovation for encouraging foreign businesses in the area.

Our chamber recognized the outstanding efforts made by the government over the past years in supporting Italian businesses. Mr Isler acknowledged the strong support Chaoyang government has been providing to Italian businesses wishing for an ever-growing level of communication between the two sides

The two parties agreed to establish an open channel for communication aimed at sharing information and increasing the degree of interaction, along with discussing future joint initiatives to support Italian businesses in the area. 


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