Quality Council (QC)



Alba Wang (Juvenes member), leader in Luxury Living, Interior Design; 

Elle Hu (corporate member OTB Group), leader in Compliance; 

Giulio Balossi (Suzhou Promoter and corporate member), leader in Supply Chain; 

Nicole Yang (individual member), leader in Marketing, Digital, Strategy; 

Yingting Cheng (corporate member), leader in Learning, Capabilities, Competences, Social Trends

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Quality  Council - a council about Luxury Living, Fashion, Luxury and Premium Goods, Design, Lifestyle, focus on Retail and Digital. Our objective is to facilitate business with China for CICC  member or non member companies and individuals, in retail and consumer goods.



China to be more and more the growth driver for any consumer goods brand, especially for premium and luxury range.

More and more opportunities arise in China in the area of consumer goods, especially among premium and luxury brands. Many brands however lack of specific expertise to leverage into China Ecosystem at the best.  



Three series of workshops focused on the most concerned areas of consumer goods in China market

We are assembling a series of activities, join forces with industry experts, to conduct three series of workshops . The purpose of these workshop sessions is to provide solution oriented dialogues between companies and industry experts to meet the increasing challenges presented in China market. Inside the workshop, our ideas should address business and market realities and issues companies are facing.

Relevant topics are Human Resource, Supply chain, Brand Protection, and Legal Compliance, specifically related to market challenges and opportunities.

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