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This is the first appointment with the exhibition “Italian Scents and Flavours in China”, a series of events which are taking place several times during the 2008 following the best topics of e-Food, our electronic review about Italian food & wines in China. 

This cycle of events could but not be open by a personage who has spent his life in translating the words in practice, who has made thousands of kilometres around the world teaching the culture and the savour of his own products with a tireless and catching enthusiasm: we are talking about Mr. Gabriele Ferron, one of the Italian chefs at international level who has dedicated his life to the rice tradition, obtaining the name of “Ambassador of the rice in the world”.

Mr. Gabriele Ferron, in his tireless travels, brings with him a suitcase full of rice of the land where he was born, called Vialone Nano Veronese Rice, an old and quite esteemed quality cultivated in a particular area near Verona, in Northern Italy, where the Ferron family have handed for generations a farm as old as 350 years.

Gabriele will present it in Beijing during two dinners: the first dedicated to the media sector takes place on January 14th and the second one, dedicated to VIP and operators, takes place on January 16th; both will be held in the restaurant called “La Fattoria” in Beijing, about which we invite you to read the presentation in number 4 of e-Food.
These will be guided tasting dinners in which the chef presents the public a completely menu based on rice, from hors-d’oeuvre to dessert, who describes personally with his typical enthusiasm and his passion transmitting the public his deep experience.
Ferron rice will be coupled with very first quality ingredients, proposing a menu including dishes which range from light battered vegetables with rice flour to simple and traditional “arancini”, passing through a risotto with red chicory “mantecato” with the original Parmigiano Reggiano to reach some delicious rice cakes presenting in total 9 dishes in which the versatility of the Italian rice and its refined quality will be shown.

How to participate

If you are a journalist please write to artinlife@cameraitacina.com to get a credit for the 14th of January, if on the contrary you are just keen on it you can participate at the Sunday lunch organized by La Fattoria on the 20th of January, at the special price of 300 RMB. To reserve a table please refer to the contacts down here.

La Fattoria
Shop 5, Phoenix Xintiandi, Shuguang Xili
Behind Phoenix Town

La Fattoria Italian Restaurant, Shop 5, Phoenix Xintiandi, Shuguang Xili, Beijing

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