Seminar online & offline: Navigating the Next Wave: Understanding Gen Z Consumer Behavior in China, Jan.16th

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The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) invites you to an exclusive event that peers into the intricate world of Gen Z consumer habits in China, both online and at our Shanghai office on January 16th at 16:30 (09:30 Italian time).

Titled "Navigating the Next Wave: Understanding Gen Z Consumer Behavior in China" this event promises an insightful exploration into a pivotal aspect of the contemporary market landscape. In an age where Gen Z wields substantial influence over market trends, comprehending their behaviors stands as a linchpin for businesses striving to flourish in the Chinese market.



We've curated a dynamic agenda that features industry leaders shedding light on communication strategies tailored to captivate Gen Z customers:

09:30/16:30 Initial speech by CICC

09:35/16:35 Nancy Yang | Marketing Director, Ylab Consultancy

                    Carol Gu | Head of Research, Ylab Consultancy

10:05/17:05 Andrea Fenn | CEO International, Adiacent China

10:35/17:35 Q&A/discussions


Why You Should Attend:

The ascent of Gen Z as a decisive consumer force in China poses challenges and opportunities for businesses. Understanding their preferences, digital inclinations, and ethical considerations is pivotal in crafting effective communication strategies that resonate with this influential demographic. For foreign companies navigating the Chinese market, this understanding is indispensable for sustainable growth and enduring success. Whether you're a seasoned player or new entrant, this event will equip you with invaluable knowledge to engage with the future of consumption.

The event will be held ONLINE and OFFLINE at CICC Shanghai Office (N. 777 Weihai road). 

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Member: free of charge

Non-member: 200 RMB


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