07 August 2017


Hebei excellent otlets investment co., LTD

Type of job: 
Full time
Business Services
05 - Negotiable
Job description: 

1. 负责总裁一般事务处理,如负责沟通、安排总裁出差事宜,并做好出差前后的相关工作;

2. 负责总裁的居家管理工作,如:日常采购、居所的保养与维修等;



1.General affairs such as communicating and arranging business trips and related things in advance and after;
2.Routine management such as grocery purchasing and home maintenance;
3.Medical and healthcare related such as accompany to hospital;
4.All the assistant work regarding the president’s life management.

Education Background: 




1.Bachelor degree or above, CET6(English)/B1(Italian) or above, has to be able to communicate both orally and written regarding daily matters;
2.More than 1-year work experience and a Chinese major in English/Italian, lady is preferred.
3.Good at communication, methodical work logic, meticulous and responsible, sense of being rigorous and confidential.

Company Info: 

河北卓越奥莱投资有限公司是北京卓越联行控股有限公司的子公司,北京卓越联行控股有限公司专门致力于复合地产全产业链投资及服务,自2009年来,北京卓越联行控股有限公司累计参与了覆盖全国的十余个顶尖项目,包含城市综合体、购物中心、奥特莱斯商业、旅游文化综合体等。过往项目包括华侨城集团在全国的9大项目 、洞林湖•新田城、武汉城市客厅等知名项目。 合作伙伴包括华侨城集团、中建集团、金地集团、山东黄金集团,正威集团、卓尔集团、中国南山集团、招商地产集团、中国意大利商会、意大利时尚商会、意大利对外贸易委员会、中国儿童文化产业联盟、中国人民对外友好协会、各国驻华使馆、北大公学、牛津公学等企事业单位。 河北卓越奥莱投资有限公司作为北京卓越联行控股有限公司的支柱板块之一 ,其中石家庄项目为河北省重点工程:项目总投资120亿 元。

Ecellent Outlets Investments Ltd is a directly controlled division of Beijing Excellent Partner Holdings, a leading real estate investments and consulting group, since 2009 devoted to provide Comprehensive Real Estate fully integrated solutions to property owners, tenants, and investors. In its portfolio the whole series of OCT projects, Xintian Town, Wuhan City Parlor, and many other benchmarking programs. Excellent Outlets is one of the key companies among the corporate structure, responsible of the development of the Shijiazhuang Excellent Outlets project, with an overall investment 12 billions yuan, recognized as Key Construction Program of the whole Hebei province.

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